8 Cheapest Cloud Storage Providers in 2022 Prices for cloud storage

If your needs are measured in TBs rather than GBs, storing your files may become expensive. The greatest and 8 Cheapest Cloud Storage Providers in 2022 cloud storage offers are included in this article, so you get the most value for your money.

Are you looking for the most cost-effective cloud storage? For 1 TB, 100 GB, and other cloud storage tiers, here are the best budget options.

There is nothing preventing you from switching to a new cloud storage provider right now, despite the fact that cloud storage deals are more likely to be seen around Black Friday. Since Dropbox to Sync.com are among the greatest cloud storage companies on the market today, they frequently provide some of the lowest cloud storage promotions that may grant you huge capacity for a decent price.

You may take advantage of the benefits, but the big names will fight over pricing. You may pay full price, but there’s nothing stopping you from shopping around to get the greatest value for your buck. Top-tier companies like Sync.com are providing 2 TB of storage for $8 per month.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest cloud storage bargains right now accessible to assist you pick through the complicated sea of bargains and plans out there. Let the features (not to mention cloud storage pricing) speak for themselves rather than taking our word for it.

Prices for 8 Cheapest Cloud Storage Providers in 2022:

There are a variety of cloud storage prices depending on the provider, features, and size of your subscription. However, the following figures offer an overview of the most popular pricing tiers for cloud storage services. Cloud Storage Monthly Pricing Tiers.

1. Google Drive

Pricing: 15 GB for free

Basic. 100 GB. $1.99 / month | 200 GB. $2.99 / month | 2 TB $9.99 / month

Free online storage is the most cost-effective option available. Google Drive offers the most storage for free with a generous 15GB if you don’t want to or can’t afford it.

It’s worth noting, however, that your Google account’s storage is shared. As a result, you may notice your storage depleting faster than you’d want if you utilize Gmail or Google Photos. If this is a worry, you might want to create a distinct account for Google Drive.

8 Cheapest Cloud Storage Providers in 2022
Google Drive Cloud Storage

If you’re looking for a no-cost solution, try pCloud. After signing up, you get 10 GB of free space, but you may increase that to 15GB by completing easy tasks. Verifying your email address, downloading software, and enabling automatic photo upload and download are just a few of the steps involved.

Although Google Drive is not the worst cloud storage service available, as this list demonstrates, there are better services available. Google Drive, on the other hand, has productivity features that make it arguably one of the finest cloud storage options out there, in contrast to companies like Icedrive.

However it does have some drawbacks. A privacy policy that is somewhat eyebrow-raising, particularly because it would give Google carte blanche to rummage through your data, may cause you to look elsewhere. There are many better options on this list if privacy is important, including Sync.com and our special mention below, MEGA.

Check out: Google Drive

2. Apple iCloud

Pricing: 50 GB for $0.99 per month (0.0198 cents per GB of Storage)

Budget cloud storage is the next category, which includes the lowest-cost (excluding free) cloud storage available. iCloud is the only major cloud storage company that provides a 50 GB plan, which is why it wins this distinction. For such a small amount, its price per GB is one of the highest on the list, as one would expect.

Apple iCloud Cloud Storage

While a dollar per month is the lowest absolute cost for cloud storage, 50 GB isn’t much space. This will definitely help you protect your iPhone, and it’ll also provide enough breathing room to transfer data between devices. Of course, it’s best suited for people who work primarily on Macs, iPhones, and iPads since it’s an Apple product.

iCloud+, which includes features like Hide My Mail and a custom email domain, is available for a fee. Paying for any iCloud plan increase upgrades you to iCloud+. You may also give your allotment to your family and friends. And, also, keep in mind that Apple One, which comes at a lower overall cost than other Apple plans like Apple Arcade and Apple Music, bundles iCloud storage with other subscriptions.

Check out: Apple iCloud

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Pricing: 1TB for $6.99 per month ($0.00699 cents per GB) or $69.99 per year ($0.00583 cents per GB of Storage)

Microsoft server has gotten a strong foothold in the cloud storage industry, much as Google has done in the cloud computing industry. Because of its OneDrive storage service, this ancient dog still has a lot of new tricks to teach, particularly for people with digital file storage.

Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage
Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft is pursuing a strategy of becoming a service-based firm, with users paying monthly subscriptions to use its software. OneDrive, which offers cloud storage for files, presentations, and other items created in Office applications, neatly fits into this.

With features that offer shared storage for families and organizations (see our OneDrive for Business review for more information), this is why it’s a fantastic product for collaboration.

OneDrive Pricing Plans

OneDrive sits in the market for free cloud storage deals with Sync.com, which offers 5 GB of free storage (though it is limited). Despite this, its paid plans are the most feature-rich you’ll find from any paid provider.

Check out: Microsoft OneDrive

4. Dropbox

Pricing: Dropbox plan; $9.99 / month · 1 user ; Family. $16.99 / month · up to 6 users ; Professional + eSign. $24.99 / month · 1 user 

Dropbox provides a number of cloud storage solutions. Using Dropbox for cloud storage allows you to cloud backup and store everything securely in the cloud and access file transfers from many devices, whether you’re an person, SMB, or big corporation.

Dropbox Cloud Storage
Dropbox Cloud Storage

Sign up for a Dropbox account for free. Get access to and share pictures, documents, and other files from any device with a storage capacity of 2 GB.

It’s a fantastic idea to store or cloud backup your data in the cloud. You don’t lose everything when your computer breaks down that way. For people who work from home or store office papers on their computers, it’s especially helpful.

For online file storage, sharing, and syncing, Dropbox has a single central hub. Your files are synced across your devices and available in real time whether you’re at work or on the road. Using our desktop software on Windows and Mac, as well as the mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones, you may access your Dropbox account from anywhere in the world.

Dropbox is the finest cloud storage service by a nose in the fight between Dropbox and Google Drive. It is a better service for those who collaborate on a lot of documents because it just edges out Google Drive based on security, but its slightly easier file sharing and faster syncing also make it a better service as compare to the cost of an external hard drive.

Check out: Dropbox

5. MediaFire

Pricing: 1 TB is available for $5 per month (0.005 GB) or $45 per year (0.00375 GB of Storage).

Many people use MediaFire primarily for sharing files with others, but it works as a personal cloud storage solution or cloud backup too. Its 1 TB pricing is the cheapest you’ll find. Note that the “50% off” message on its pricing page appears to be permanent, so don’t worry about getting in on a limited-time deal.

MediaFire Cloud Storage
MediaFire Cloud Storage

However, the service has some issues that might make you look elsewhere. MediaFire doesn’t offer desktop apps, so you’ll have to sync everything using the website or mobile apps. Its security and privacy features are lacking compared to other providers, and it skips on some power features that make other cloud storage tools so handy.

Give it a look if you only care about getting the cheapest cloud storage possible. But for most people, there’s a much better value at the 1 TB level.

Check out: MediaFire

6. Sync.com

Sync.com, which provides an outstanding range of capabilities at a cheap price, is well-known among long-time readers. The Pro Solo Basic plan costs just $8 per month and provides a great deal of features.

Because of the $8 fee, you get 2 TB of cloud storage, which is one of the greatest document storage services available, especially for households that need to store important papers and treasured digital keepsakes.

Sync.com Cloud Storage
Sync.com Cloud Storage

Of course, you may reduce the cost by almost half and take advantage of Sync.com’s 200GB Personal plan for $5 per month if 2 TB is much too much storage for your needs.

Sync.com Annual Cloud Storage Plans in a TB of Storage

The majority of Sync.com’s inexpensive plans require an annual subscription, which is a disadvantage. When we discuss the Solo Basic plan for $8 a month, what we really mean is that the annual payment is equal to $8 a month (so $96 in total) because monthly plans are only available with the Solo Pro and Teams Unlimited plans.

Check out: Sync.com

7. pCloud

The cost of cloud storage is set by market forces, as it is for most businesses. PCloud follows its competitor closely when it comes to price, as big names like Sync.com set the benchmark that other providers follow.

pCloud offers a $8 per month storage plan with 2TB of space, similar to Sync.com. pCloud, on the other hand, provides this as a pay-per-month service, so you can test it out for a year without committing to a year’s subscription.

pCloud Cloud Storage
pCloud Cloud Storage

pCloud and Sync.com provide a similar set of features, so this would normally be enough to push pCloud ahead. pCloud’s pCloud Crypto add-on, which costs $3.99 extra, charges an extra fee for zero-knowledge encryption (which ensures you retain control of your decryption keys).

Despite the fact that pCloud has a lot to offer prospective users, don’t let the cost of encryption discourage you.

There are fewer plans to try out than on Sync.com, though. If you need multiple accounts, it provides a business plan. PCloud for Family, on the other hand, is a better option for families because it provides five years of shared storage for one single payment.

A lifetime Family plan may cost as much as $1,400 for this one-time payment. Thankfully, pCloud offers substantial discounts on this cost, up to 65% or more.

If you’re interested in saving money, a lifetime subscription is also available for its 500GB and 2TB plans. This provides you with unrestricted and perpetual access to the space you’ve bought, similar to pCloud for Family.

Check out: pCloud


When it comes to contracts, picking five of the top players in a huge market like cloud storage is always difficult. That’s why we couldn’t leave without mentioning one of our other beloveds: MEGA.

Concerns about MEGA’s creator Kim Dotcom unsettling some customers, as well as worries about potential Chinese government ownership, have troubled the company’s history. You don’t need to be concerned about data security if zero-knowledge encryption is in place, as our MEGA review explains.

MEGA Cloud Storage
MEGA Cloud Storage

MEGA, in actuality, is a privacy-conscious provider. Only temporarily stores your access times while you control your encryption keys. You can’t trust it to read or transfer your data, and you can rest assured that some decent privacy standards apply since it is based throughout Europe, Canada, and New Zealand.

MEGA provides significant cost savings for big-storage consumers who do not need unlimited storage, as compared to Google Drive’s bigger-storage plans at a much higher monthly fee. MEGA is one of the few companies that provides a lot of storage for such a cheap price, despite offering only up to 16TB of space.

The only restrictions in place are bandwidth limits, which match the storage capacities (e.g., an 8TB restriction for 8TB of storage). While MEGA isn’t a provider that will suit everyone, its high-storage plans and strict focus on privacy make it a suitable alternative to the other five options on this list if the others don’t meet your demands.

Check out: MEGA

Final Thoughts

Our list isn’t comprehensive, but we’ve gathered some of the greatest cloud storage discounts available today. Ultimately, don’t be tempted by no-brand providers that lack the reputation you’d expect to securely hold on to your data, especially during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter.

On price, both OneDrive and Google Drive are strong contenders, with 100GB available for $1.99 per month from each of them. Even if they lack the reputation of the other providers on our list, Icedrive or MEGA might be good alternative options for you if you’re still not convinced.

While storing photos and videos might be more difficult, make sure to check out our top online storage for photos run-through, where companies like Amazon Drive are highly recommended. In our Amazon Drive review, you can learn more about what it has to offer.

At a fair cost that won’t ruin your finances, you can be sure to get excellent storage and functionality from whichever provider. Do you have any personal views or a fantastic deal that you’d want to share with us? Tell us what you think in the comments below, and be sure to read.

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