Discover the World with the Top 10 VR Travel Apps (Virtual Reality) for Your Smartphone


Enjoy a virtual getaway to a scenic beach or mountain from the comfort of your home with VR technology. Your smartphone allows you to visit various destinations around the world with VR apps. However, a few components are necessary to make it work. Here are 13 top VR travel apps for Android and iPhone and tips to get you started.

Before you begin, ensure that you have the necessary tools and familiarize yourself with how VR technology works. Keep in mind that VR experiences may differ between devices and between users, even within the category of phone-based VR.

To fully experience phone-based VR, you’ll need: a VR-compatible smartphone with a Gyroscope sensor, a headset that is compatible with your phone and its size, and sometimes, software like Google Cardboard available on the app stores.

Finally, you’ll need VR travel apps or media such as 360-degree images and videos from YouTube or other providers.

1. Within VR

Experience virtual reality on your mobile device with Within VR, one of the best VR apps. It offers a range of videos, allowing you to visit both real and animated worlds with vivid graphics and accompanying audio. Explore real-life locations like North Korea, Hong Kong, Rwanda, and the Olympic National Park.

Simply tap on a video that catches your eye and access a profile with a description and buttons to share, download, and stream the production. If you choose to stream, you can view it in either VR or normal mode.

Whether you prefer documentaries, spacewalks, or horror stories, you’ll find something to keep you entertained for anywhere from 4 minutes to 2 hours. With new productions added regularly, it’s a VR app worth keeping.

Download: Within VR for Android | iOS

2. Google Cardboard

The cost of VR goggles often deters people from experiencing virtual reality. However, there is a more affordable option provided by Google. The company created a cardboard device, which you can use to experience VR by inserting your smartphone.

The device allows you to view the world in first-person, hands-free. Simply download the free Google Cardboard VR app on your iOS or Android device.

The cardboard device costs between $5 and $40, making it an accessible option for virtual reality.

Download: Within VR for Android | iOS

3. Sites in VR

This app, Sites in VR, offers a vast selection of destinations, from waterfalls to ancient tombs. With high-quality, 3D and 360-degree images, you can enjoy fascinating experiences.

If you’re interested in VR specifically, simply tap the VR icon on the image you want to view. Put on the headset with your phone mounted and feel like you’re there in person.

The app’s settings are fully customizable, allowing you to adjust VR brightness, screen rotation, tool visibility, and more. Paired with additional travel planning apps, you can plan the perfect trip.

Download: Sites in VR for Android | iOS

4. AccorHotels for Cardboard

Google Cardboard is great for downloading other VR apps. AccorHotels is one such app that allows travelers to preview hotel rooms before their arrival.

With this app, you can explore various hotels and resorts in London, Sao Paulo, and Paris. The app is available for free download on both iOS and Android.

Download: Sites in VR for Android | iOS

5. Egypt VR 360

Egypt VR 360, a well-designed virtual tour app, showcases the country’s most renowned landmarks. Upon opening the app, you’ll see a list of destinations with brief descriptions. Tap on your desired location and then the VR icon for a closer look.

With over a hundred options, you can explore the Sphinx, Philae Temple, and Sultan Hassan Mosque all in one sitting. The app also showcases modern luxury hotels, making it an easy way to plan your next in-person trip to Egypt.

Download: Sites in VR for Android | iOS

6. Ascape VR

If you’re seeking excitement from the comfort of your home, try Ascape VR. This free app for iOS and Android devices offers a chance to experience thrilling activities like swimming with sharks, skydiving, and running with gazelles.

It’s like traveling, but with the ability to jump from place to place and save your adventures.

Download: Sites in VR for Android | iOS

7. Nepal VR

Nepal VR is a travel app focused on a popular vacation destination. It features a collection of images that can be viewed in normal mode or virtual reality.

To access the virtual reality mode, simply tap the VR icon at the bottom of the app’s display. Although navigation may be awkward, the scenes are visually stunning and offer a unique perspective.

With Nepal VR, you can immerse yourself in temples, museums, and festivals and gain information about the history and culture through info bubbles. It’s a convenient way to learn about Nepal and expand your knowledge of the world, even as a virtual traveler.

While the app does have areas for improvement, it provides an easy and enjoyable experience to explore important locations and understand the society of Nepal.

Download: Sites in VR for Android

8. YouVisit – For Future College Students

YouVisit offers virtual tours for college campuses and business showrooms, allowing individuals to plan for their future.

The app, available for free on iOS and Android, features hundreds of videos showcasing college campuses nationwide, including Harvard. The interactive 360-degree videos provide an immersive experience for users.

Download: Sites in VR for Android | iOS

9. VeeR – The Interactive Experiences App

Introducing a one-of-a-kind VR app that provides a diverse array of experiences, from following thrill-seekers on tightrope walks to navigating through imaginary realms. This is the perfect travel app for those who want to discover the imagination of storytellers.

The app offers an extensive collection of 4K videos, photos, and interactive experiences. What sets this free app for iOS and Android apart is its user-generated content feature, allowing you to create and share your own experiences with others.

Download: VeeR for Android

10. Relax River VR

Virtual reality can transport you not only to real-world destinations, but also to imaginary worlds created by programmers. Relax River VR is a prime example, allowing you to embark on a leisurely boat ride through highly detailed virtual environments.

Please note that this app is solely designed for VR technology, so a headset and compatible software are required for use. Additionally, you may encounter occasional advertisements during your virtual journey.

On the bright side, the app is incredibly easy to use. Simply launch it, set up your VR gear, and start your virtual river tour. You’ll encounter stunning waterfalls, ruins, and beautifully rendered landscapes, complete with rich colors and realistic lighting. The experience is as immersive and calming as visiting a digital version of Cairo or Honolulu.

Download: Relax River VR for Android | iOS

Experience the Thrills of Virtual Reality Travel.

While all these VR travel apps are highly rated, some may be more demanding or better suited to your interests than others. Some even offer imaginative landscapes for gamers to explore. Take your time to carefully evaluate your options and make the most of your mobile and VR devices.

The only investment required, besides VR equipment, is your time and attention as you discover the world’s wonders. The amount you learn is entirely in your hands, as all of these apps are free.

Don’t forget, virtual reality isn’t limited to just travel. With the right gear, you can also enjoy a wide range of exciting VR games on your phone.


In conclusion, virtual reality travel is a unique and exciting way to explore the world from the comfort of your own home. With a variety of VR travel apps available, you can choose one that best suits your interests and preferences. Whether you’re interested in visiting real-life destinations or imaginative landscapes, these apps provide a wealth of information and a highly immersive experience.

Additionally, once you have the VR equipment, you can also enjoy a range of VR games on your phone. With the combination of VR technology and travel, the possibilities are endless, so explore them today!