MIT-licensed library for fully typed Generative AI pipelines. Unleash Generative AI's power!

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  • No Signup Required : an MIT-licensed library for composing fully typed Generative AI pipelines. Unleash the power of Generative AI for innovative use-cases!

Key Features of

  1. Aigur is a platform that facilitates the development of multi-user Generative AI-based applications.
  2. It manages data pipelines, user plans, and security for AI applications.
  3. Aigur offers Plan Management features to monitor and control users’ usage plans, including Credit packages, Subscriptions, and unlimited plans.
  4. The platform provides an easy-to-use visual editor for defining backend logic, backed by editable code, and prebuilt pipelines to streamline development.
  5. Aigur also simplifies frontend development, offering authentication, WebSocket-based job updates, and a prebuilt AI-focused component library for both Web and Mobile applications.
  6. Aigur acts as an intermediary between the application and Generative AI generators, offering a simple API to manage users’ flows and integrate with popular AI engines.
  7. Users can choose from various enforcement strategies like mandatory sign-up, reCAPTCHA, email verification, IP rate limit, Geo-based limit, and more to enhance application security.
  8. The platform offers premade UI components tailored for AI applications, making it easier to start developing.
  9. Aigur is scalable, allowing users to start with a single server and expand to thousands, with load management between instances.
  10. The platform provides insights through automatic analytics and saves all requests and results for offline research and editing/rerunning old requests.
  11. Aigur is currently in Beta and is offered for free during this phase, with plans to remain free for personal and hobby use even after the Beta period.

Overall, Aigur aims to simplify the process of building Generative AI applications and offers a user-friendly interface, integrations with popular AI engines, and tools for both backend and frontend development.

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