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Automata: AI-Powered Content Repurposing Tool for Marketers

Automata is an AI-powered content repurposing tool that helps marketers produce more content without creating more content. The platform allows users to quickly convert existing marketing assets into multiple forms of content for distribution across a variety of channels.

Key features of Automata:

  • Content conversion: Quickly convert marketing assets into various content forms, such as blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, and more.
  • Chrome Extension: Share LinkedIn-ready content seamlessly on-page.
  • Content repurposing templates: Transform content into different formats, such as LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, summaries, Q&A sections, and newsletters, in a single workflow.
  • Extract key points: Extract key content from PDFs and videos for compelling content creation.
  • Resources: Stay up to date on how AI is changing the way marketers do their jobs.

Benefits of using Automata:

  • Save time and resources: Automata can help you save time and resources by automating the content repurposing process.
  • Reach a wider audience: By repurposing your content into different formats, you can reach a wider audience and get your message seen by more people.
  • Improve your content distribution: Automata can help you improve your content distribution by suggesting the best channels for each piece of content.
  • Get more insights: Automata can help you get more insights into your audience by tracking how they interact with your repurposed content.

Overall, Automata is a powerful tool that can help marketers save time, reach a wider audience, and improve their content distribution.

Here are some additional details about Automata:

  • The platform offers free and paid plans. The free plan allows you to repurpose two pieces of content per month. The paid plans start at $32 per month and offer more features, such as the ability to repurpose more content and access to additional content repurposing templates.
  • Automata is easy to use. Simply upload your content to the platform and Automata will automatically convert it into different formats. Customize the content as necessary.
  • Automata is backed by a team of experienced marketers who are passionate about helping businesses succeed. If you have any questions or need help using the platform, you can contact the Automata team for support.

If you are a marketer looking for a way to save time and reach a wider audience with your content, Automata is a great option to consider.

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