BlurOn, an AI-enhanced After Effects plug-in, effortlessly identifies and blurs designated objects in videos, including faces, heads, bodies, and license plates.

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In the realm of video editing, efficiency is the key to unlocking creativity and productivity. This is where BlurOn enters the stage as a dynamic After Effects plug-in, meticulously designed to reshape video editing workflows by revolutionizing mosaicing work. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, BlurOn seamlessly automates object detection and blurring, redefining the video editing landscape.

The Power of Automated Object Detection and Blurring

Imagine a tool that not only detects but also masks objects such as faces, heads, bodies, and license plates within videos. BlurOn makes this vision a reality. Through the seamless integration of AI technology, specific objects are identified and automatically blurred, transforming the editing process into a breeze.

Unveiling the Time-Saving Marvel

In the realm of video editing, every second saved contributes to enhanced productivity. BlurOn stands as a time-saving marvel, drastically reducing mosaicing work by up to 90%. The result? A streamlined workflow that allows video editors to allocate more time to creative endeavors, free from the intricacies of manual object masking.

Championed by Industry Leaders

BlurOn isn’t just a tool; it’s a cornerstone of efficiency in the industry. TV stations and post-production companies rely on its prowess to streamline their workflows. By enabling automatic object detection and blurring, BlurOn becomes an integral component in the quest for seamless video editing.

A Fortress of Privacy

In an age where data privacy is paramount, BlurOn upholds a commitment to user privacy. Utilizing Cookiebot for data collection ensures that user information remains anonymous and secure, offering peace of mind amidst the creative process.

Seamless Integration, Limitless Possibilities

BlurOn doesn’t disrupt your editing flow; it enhances it. As an After Effects plug-in, it seamlessly integrates into your existing environment, augmenting your capabilities without the need for a steep learning curve.

Endless Horizons of Application

BlurOn’s impact spans far and wide:

  • TV Stations and Post-Production Companies: Empower your workflow by drastically minimizing mosaicing work, leading to efficiency gains and enhanced productivity.
  • Video Editors: Unshackle yourself from time-consuming object masking, channeling your energy into unleashing your creative prowess.
  • Film and Media Professionals: Elevate the quality and efficiency of your video editing workflows, securing your position as a force in the industry.
  • Content Creators: Whether dealing with sensitive information or requiring object masking, BlurOn is your tool to enhance video quality and protect content.

BlurOn: A New Dawn in Video Editing

In a world of perpetual motion and creativity, BlurOn brings harmony. It’s not just an AI-powered tool; it’s a transformational force that reshapes how videos are edited. By eliminating the intricacies of manual object masking and automating the process, BlurOn is the catalyst that fuels efficiency, creativity, and innovation in video editing. Welcome to the new era of video editing, powered by BlurOn.

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