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Welcome to ChatOnAI: Your Gateway to Limitless Online Interactions with ChatGPT, Unveiling a New Era of Browsing Excellence!

Introducing ChatGPT – Chatonai (GPT3, GPT4), formerly known as ‘ChatGPT for Search Engines’! We’ve revamped our name, but fear not—our commitment to enhancing your browsing experience remains unchanged. Dive into a world of limitless possibilities with ChatOnAI, where OpenAI’s ChatGPT powers your online interactions, ensuring reliability and keeping you updated with the latest innovations.


Response alongside Search Engine Results: Access ChatGPT responses seamlessly alongside search results from Google, Bing, Ecosia, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and more, enhancing your browsing experience.

70+ Best Prompt Templates: Effortlessly tackle various tasks with our collection of over 70 ChatGPT templates, spanning from blog outlines and email newsletters to crafting your favorite poem. Unleash your creativity without boundaries!

Top Prompts: Explore our curated selection of top ChatGPT prompts across SEO, Marketing, Art, Programming, and beyond. Loved by our users, these prompts are just a click away from elevating your projects.

Share Prompts: Share your tried-and-tested prompts with others and receive donations when they appreciate your creativity and find value in your contributions.

Code Syntax Highlighting: Enjoy responses with code syntax highlighting, making technical information more readable and comprehensible.

Trigger Settings: Customize how ChatGPT responds—whether it’s always, manually, or triggered by a question mark—to tailor the experience to your preferences.

OpenAI API Configs: Choose between using the Web API (free but occasionally unstable) or the official OpenAI API (more stable but charged by usage) to power your interactions.

Popup and Standalone Page: Access ChatGPT conveniently as a popup window within your browser or as a standalone page for a seamless user experience.

Ask Anything Anywhere: Pose questions to ChatGPT anytime, anywhere within your browser, and receive insightful responses instantly.

Right Click: Utilize the right-click feature to send selected text directly to ChatGPT as a prompt, streamlining your interaction process.

Dark Theme: Embrace a darker interface with our included dark theme option, catering to users who prefer a visually comfortable browsing experience.

Install the ChatGPT – Chatonai extension today and unlock specific answers to your queries! Say goodbye to Merlin and AIPRM—ChatOnAI is here to revolutionize your browsing journey.

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