Discover Captivating Visuals: Lexica Unveils Specialized Search Engine for Stable Diffusion Images with Unique Limitations and Provisions.

Lexica introduces a specialized search engine tailored specifically for Stable Diffusion generated images, offering users a seamless experience in exploring and discovering captivating visuals. However, there are certain limitations and provisions associated with the usage of Lexica, outlined below:

  • Plan Limits: Users are provided with a weekly limit of 48 image generations for free. Exceeding this limit prompts a courteous request to upgrade the plan for continued usage.
  • Fast and Slow Generations: Each prompt submission consumes 4 image generation credits. Plans come with a set number of fast generations, utilizing the fastest servers available. Once this limit is reached, subsequent generations are queued in the slower processing queue.
  • Additional Fast Generations: Users have the option to purchase extra fast generations at a rate of $0.01 per generation. These credits do not expire but require an active plan for utilization, providing flexibility for exceeding the plan’s limit when needed.
  • Plan Upgrades and Downgrades: Plan upgrades or downgrades can be executed at any time, with prorated payments for upgrades and discounts applied for downgrades in future billing cycles.
  • Plan Cancellation: Users can cancel their plan at any time, retaining access until the end of the current billing period. Management of the plan, including cancellation, can be performed through the designated Manage Plan feature.
  • Payment Methods: While Lexica does not currently accept PayPal, users are presented with various payment methods upon checkout after selecting a plan.
  • Image Privacy: Images created under the Starter and Pro plans are publicly accessible through Lexica’s search engine. However, subscribing to the Max plan ensures all images remain private unless explicitly shared.
  • Commercial Use: Personal use of images found on Lexica is permitted across all plans. For commercial usage, a paid plan is required, with restrictions based on company size. Companies with 2-5 employees necessitate the Pro plan, while those with 5+ employees require the Max plan. Additional details regarding allowed usage are available on the license page.

In essence, Lexica offers a structured and accommodating framework for users to explore and utilize Stable Diffusion generated images, balancing convenience, flexibility, and adherence to usage policies.

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