Loopin AI

Transform your meetings into collaborative workspaces, providing your entire team with a centralized platform to share talking points, notes, and next steps seamlessly.

Pricing Model: Freemium, $12/mo

LoopinAI, the innovative AI Meeting Assistant, redefines how meetings are managed, ensuring efficiency and productivity without the need for manual note-taking. This comprehensive tool offers an array of features designed to enhance the meeting experience and make collaboration seamless.

Key Features:

  1. Automated Meeting Summaries:
    LoopinAI records, transcribes, and summarizes meetings, capturing key decisions, next steps, and important highlights, freeing you from manual note-taking.
  2. Focus on Conversation:
    During meetings, concentrate on the conversation as LoopinAI diligently records, transcribes, and summarizes in your preferred writing tone.
  3. Customizable Summaries:
    Tailor your meeting summaries using templates specific to each meeting, adding a personalized touch to your records.
  4. Effortless Sharing:
    Share precise meeting summaries effortlessly with just a click, showcasing exclusive bragging rights.
  5. Insightful Learning:
    Extract insights from your meetings by asking LoopinAI specific queries, such as consolidating feedback from customer meetings, and receive context-rich responses.
  6. Versatile Delivery Options:
    Send meeting summaries to participants via Email, Slack, or Notion, providing flexibility in communication.
  7. Real-Time Collaboration:
    Collaborate with your team on meeting summaries in real time, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
  8. Action Item Management:
    Create and assign action items directly from meeting summaries, streamlining follow-ups and task management.
  9. Automated Follow-ups:
    LoopinAI ensures automatic follow-ups on action items over Slack, promoting accountability and progress tracking.
  10. Agenda Talking Points:
    Plan your meetings efficiently by creating and notifying participants of agenda talking points in advance.

LoopinAI is the go-to meeting companion tool for various teams, including customer-facing teams consolidating feedback, HR leaders managing interviews and performance reviews, UX/UI researchers conducting user testing, product managers capturing user feedback, tech teams handling sprint planning and roadmap discussions, investors gaining insights from startup pitches, and many more. This all-encompassing tool revolutionizes the meeting landscape, making LoopinAI an indispensable asset for teams across diverse domains.

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