Our state-of-the-art AI tool empowers fashion enthusiasts and professionals with efficient design processes.

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  • Paid plans starts from $29/mo

Resleeve is an AI tool that enables users to generate fashion designs and images using artificial intelligence. It offers a range of features, including design variations, vitalizing sketches, generating photoshoots, and inpainting.

Resleeve caters to product design teams, creative heads, and owner-led businesses that seek efficient and high-quality design solutions.

Users can create unique and market-aligned fashion designs, explore endless design concepts, transform sketches into high-quality designs, and showcase products in real-life scenarios without the need for models or props.

Resleeve serves industries such as fashion, jewelry, textiles, and animation characters. It helps users streamline their design processes, embrace AI-generated fashion designs, and achieve a new level of design excellence. Generate AI-generated fashion designs and images swiftly.

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