TextToSample: Samplab's free AI tool converts text to audio samples. Unique prompts or files, note/chord editing, MIDI conversion.

  • Freemium
  • Paid plans starts from $14.99/mo

In the realm of audio innovation, TextToSample emerges as a pioneering tool developed by Samplab, harnessing the prowess of generative AI to transform text into captivating audio samples. This groundbreaking tool not only offers seamless conversion but also empowers users with an array of AI-driven features, revolutionizing the audio production landscape.

Key Features Unveiled:

  • Generative AI Magic: TextToSample stands at the crossroads of technology and creativity. By inputting a prompt or an audio file, users unlock the ability to generate unparalleled and personalized audio samples. The AI-driven approach breathes life into text, transcending it into auditory artistry.
  • AI-Powered Versatility: The tool’s AI-based attributes encompass an impressive suite of capabilities. From note editing to chord detection, stem separation to audio-to-MIDI conversion, TextToSample is a symphony of features that amplify creativity.
  • Empowering Autonomy: A standout feature is TextToSample’s ability to run directly on the user’s computer. By eliminating the need for an internet connection during operation, the tool grants autonomy and uninterrupted creative flow.
  • Standalone and Integration: Whether you seek a standalone application or seamless integration into existing audio production workflows, TextToSample accommodates both preferences. Additionally, its support for VST3 integration ensures compatibility across diverse setups.
  • Embark with No Cost: The tool’s free version invites users to embark on a journey of exploration without upfront costs. This commitment to accessibility encourages users to unlock the potential of TextToSample without financial barriers.

Uncharted Territories:

While TextToSample’s capabilities are captivating, certain aspects remain uncharted. Licensing details and specifics about the data used for generative AI training are not provided. Hardware requirements, supported operating systems, and availability of a VST2 version also await clarification.

Concluding Harmony:

TextToSample by Samplab resonates as a beacon of innovation, aligning generative AI with audio creativity. With its array of AI-powered features, compatibility choices, and a commitment to accessibility, it opens doors to a new era of audio production. As users embark on a journey where text transforms into sonic symphonies, TextToSample stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of technology in the realm of artistry.

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