Alibaba Cloud AI Coding Assistant

AI-powered plugin for IntelliJ IDEs. Enhance coding speed, precision. Real-time AI-assisted code completion, lightweight, privacy-focused, Java support.

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Alibaba Cloud AI Coding Assistant (Cosy), a groundbreaking AI-powered plugin designed for IntelliJ IDEs, including IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.

Tailored to enhance developer productivity, Cosy seamlessly integrates into your workflow, aiding in writing better code and accelerating coding speed.

Key Features and Advantages of Cosy:

  • AI-Assisted Code Completion: The heart of Cosy lies in its AI-assisted code completion. Harnessing a highly advanced machine learning model, this feature suggests code completions in real-time, helping developers avoid manual typing and significantly boosting coding efficiency.
  • On-Device Machine Learning: Cosy takes pride in its on-device machine learning model. It provides full-line code completion without relying on external servers. This ensures that code suggestions are prompt, reducing delays and streamlining your coding process.
  • Immersed Code Search: Cosy isn’t just about code completion; it also offers immersive code search capabilities. Whether it’s open-source code snippets, API usage, or code documentation, Cosy helps you quickly find the information you need within your IDE, creating a seamless coding experience.
  • Lightweight and Resource-Efficient: Recognizing the importance of system resources, Cosy is designed to be lightweight and resource-friendly. All its features are available out of the box, ensuring that you can harness its capabilities without worrying about resource consumption.
  • Privacy and Compliance: Privacy takes center stage in Cosy’s design. The deep completion model operates exclusively on your local machine. Your code and personal information are never shared or uploaded, ensuring a secure coding environment.
  • Language Support: While Cosy currently primarily supports Java, the promise of expanding language support looms on the horizon, catering to a broader spectrum of developers.

Getting Support and Providing Feedback:

  • Cosy GitHub Repository: For users seeking assistance or eager to offer suggestions, the Cosy GitHub repository serves as a hub for interaction. This collaborative approach fosters an environment where developers can voice their concerns and contribute to Cosy’s ongoing enhancement.

Unleash the Power of Cosy:

With the Alibaba Cloud AI Coding Assistant (Cosy) by your side, your coding journey is about to get a whole lot smoother. Experience the magic of AI-powered code completion, immersed code search, and a resource-efficient tool that elevates your productivity without compromising your privacy.

Whether you’re navigating Java or anticipating support for other languages, Cosy is your reliable companion for a pleasant and efficient coding experience.

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